Brixinit LEGO subscription box

Brixinit is one of the best LEGO subscription boxes. LEGO is the maker company of BRIXINIT.

Brixinit Review

Brixinit is one of the best LEGO subscription boxes. LEGO is the maker company of BRIXINIT. BRIXINIT was founded on the grounds of a community-driven spirit and an ambitious objective that is; to offer LEGO elements at a respectable price while joining the charge for socially conscious businesses.

Brixinit LEGO box

It provides a box of genuine LEGO parts at least once a month including Minifigures right to your doorstep. The broad spectrum of BRIXINIT or its overall philosophy is to encourage creative builders and give them a chance to explore and indulge in depth the new techniques and the challenges while also building their parts collection.

They offer three different levels of lego subscription box

where the price difference varies with the difference in numbers and rarity of pieces and if one is not familiar with the company pricing then an average acceptable price is 10cents per piece with higher prices often garnered by larger pieces and the pieces only available in limited sets.

The levels are categorized as follows;

  • Level 1  costs about $25 and contains between 200-300 parts or pieces.
  • Level 2  advanced and costs roughly $52 and contains about 450 to 550 parts and lastly
  • level 3 is the MOCBOX which costs just about $120 and contains between 400 to 600 parts with much greater emphasis on rarity.

BRIXINIT allows for trial months and the most commonly used trial month is the three months long trial where you can plunge in and order the lego subscription box.

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The presentation itself is very cool and nice as it caters also to the die-hard old fans of LEGO-associated products. It is very simple and clean without the extra load and it is not at all “swagged” up.

This lego subscription box would win over the hearts of many ages. For the Tier 1 box, the three-month-old trial subscription would cost you roughly about $87 and you can also upgrade on a variety of levels in the future when you have more time and money to spend.

For subscription trials, one may be tempted to select level 2 which is advanced. In the levels, each box contains a selection of Minifigures.

In the level 3 advanced box, you are likely to receive at least four Minifigures although one may be a keychain Minifigure. Minifigures are generally desirable as complete items.

The average prices of the Minifigures in the level 3 advanced box are as follows;

  • Wicked witch costs $2 and it appears in two sets one being a large Batmobile and the other being a dimensions fun pack.
  • Drax or jet pack which costs $10 and is only in one set.
  • Cat costume girl which goes for $3 and is packed in its original blind bag from the recent Collectible Minifigure series 18.
  • Kiss tuxedo batman key chain costs $2 and is a promotional polybag included as a gift with purchase, however, it was a fairly common inclusion in orders during the promotion.
  • All these parts that the box comes with are all sourced from the LEGO Batman-themed sets.

Here is a detailed category of the different levels of the Brixinit box;

Level 1: Elements

You can order a surprise assortment of brand-new lego subscription box elements from all the different themes delivered right to your doorstep every month.

What is inside; Brixinit LEGO subscription box

  • 200-300 New elements. 8 oz. +/- 226g.
  • Complete Minifigure or assorted figure elements
  • Minifigure accessories or themed piece pack
  • Build a challenge of about 50-150 pieces with your chance to win free boxes, new sets, and more.

In this package, you can learn new ways to build better with the builder’s techniques handbook which may act as a guiding tool to the users.

You can also join your fellow members in the BRIXINIT Build challenge which happens every month and test your new skills. This boxed package is so perfect for those who just started or are adding to a forever-growing inventory. There is over $40 retail piece value.

Level 2: Advanced

Here is an advanced building experience delivered every month at your doorstep for the more advanced level builder.

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what is inside Brixinit LEGO subscription box

  • Advanced assorted elements packs
  • 450-550 new lego subscription box pieces .16 oz.+/- 450g.
  • Complete possibly rare Minifigure or assorted figure elements
  • Assorted Minifigure accessories or themed pack.
  • Bonus piece pack. Figure and or elements.
  • BRIXINIT monthly Build Challenge about 50-150 pieces.

Take your building to the next level with the advanced level elements packs and themed special elements. An $80+ retail piece value in every box.


Level 3: MOCBOX™


If you love to build bigger and better then this is the perfect premium experience for you. The package includes a handcrafted selection of rare and sought-after elements for your creations or collection which are all new and only the best delivered every month.

what is inside Brixinit LEGO subscription box

  • Basic and rare element packs about 400-600 pieces.
  • At least 4 themed or high-value extra-large piece packs.
  • Enhanced Minifigure accessories pack and or rare colored elements pack.
  • Multiple complete possibly rare and or vintage Minifigures or extra-large assorted figure elements.
  • BRIXINIT monthly Build Challenge about 50-150 pieces.

Each of the Brixinit LEGO boxes also contains a challenge pack and a feature piece.

There also includes a written pamphlet of the history and the potential uses of the feature piece which might spike your interest the more about this subscription box.

The challenge lego subscription box is designed to help spark creativity and teach the users of the feature piece. For example, the monthly challenge may be “A night in Gotham City” and the challenge would be to maybe build a micro-scale Gotham City using only the elements included in the lego subscription box. The pieces in the challenge together with the pamphlet would help the user in achieving the task and pursuing the challenge with ease.

Aside from the above-mentioned features, BRIXINIT Box also includes a large collection of other assorted pieces and this varies from one subscription box to another.

why it is BRIXINIT the Best LEGO subscription boxes?

It is reported that over a half a million veterans have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and about one in six sixty-eight children have been identified with autism disorder and so it is believed that building with LEGO elements is therapeutic.

BRIXINIT’s mission is to partner with nonprofit organizations like Lego therapy to ensure that for every solid pack sold, a pack of Lego elements is distributed to help those who continue to help others.

Their online e-commerce platform is also user-friendly and caters to the needs of the consumers ensuring the security of the consumer data too.

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On registration and membership, the monthly boxes from BRIXINIT, and other subscription boxes offered from time to time are shipped to the physical address.

You are also likely to receive emails on your account or promotions and new offers and updates that include third-party offers. You are  free to cancel your membership anytime anywhere without charge by contacting the customer support center.

Billing and payments

On starting your brixinit subscription journey and designating your payment method, you give brixinit the authority to charge you on a recurring monthly, 3month, 6 month, or 12 monthly charges depending on your choice of the subscription package.

Brixinit LEGO box reserves the right to adjust pricing for the subscriptions in any manner and at any time as they determine in their sole and utmost discretion.

Additionally, all subscription price adjustments will be followed by a notice sent to your email informing you of the same.


To get the shipping boxes to the consumers as quickly as possible, shipment procedures begin before the signup cutoff and as a result, all the addresses updates must be made within 48 hours before the subscription renewal date to ensure they are correctly reflected upon your shipment to avoid inconveniences.

In the risk of loss of your shipment, they should be reported within 30 days of shipping to qualify for a replacement or refund based on product availability.

best lego subscription box

If the product is available, then a replacement will be shipped to you and a refund will not be issued or considered. If at all your shipment has been damaged, then it should include a photo in the ticket submission. The refund for returns will be limited to the product price only and will not include shipping and handling costs or promotional items.

Damaged items will be put on review by the support agent and a replacement will be issued only for damaged shipments and this will not cover or include packaging of the said item.

Blemishes or tampered packaging will not be considered as part of the damaged item and all refunds will be at the discretion of the customer support.

why LEGO subscription boxes?

The Brixinit LEGO box unboxing experience is awesome and this also extends to how excellent BRIXINIT’s customer service is. The customer and response team are very keen to take into consideration every feedback and suggestion from the consumers and work on it.

About BRIXINIT’s privacy policy

About BRIXINIT’s privacy policy you may first ask what brixinit does with your information? Well, when you do an online purchase you need to fill in particulars such as your physical address, email, name etcetera which is automatically received by the brixinit’s computer’s internet protocol alias IP.

Personal information

When you provide your personal information for a successful transaction such as your credit card information, the company implies that you give your consent for them to use that information for the specific reason of just completing the transaction only. When brixinit asks you for your information for the second time then it means that you will be needed to give consent.

There is also an option of withdrawing your consent and it can be done in this format, after opting in and you change your mind a little later then you can withdraw by blocking the company from contacting you.

For continued collection, use, or disclosure of your information at any time, you can contact the company through Brixinit can disclose your personal information if they are required by law to do so or in the case whereby you violate their terms and conditions of service. Your personal information is safe as brixinit is hosted online by Shopify Inc. and your data and personal information are stored on their databases. Your data is stored on a secure server behind a firewall.

Third-party providers

Third-party providers used by brixinit only collect, use, and disclose your data to the extent necessary to allow them to perform the services they provide with ease.

However certain third-party service providers such as payment gateways and other payment transaction processors have their privacy policies in respect of the information required to provide them for your purchase-related transactions.

For such providers, it is recommended that you carefully read their privacy policy so that you may understand how your information may be used or handled.

One is also encouraged not to click aimlessly on the links found on brixinit’s online store for they may direct you away from brixinit’s site.

The company, brixinit is not responsible for the privacy practices of any site and encourage you to read their privacy statements.

best lego subscription box

For your security and protection of your personal information, brixinit takes reasonable precautions and follows industry best practices to ensure your personal information is not lost, misused inappropriately, accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed.

For example, if you provide brixinit with your credit card information, the information is encrypted using secure socket layer technology and stored with AES -256 encryption.

Though not every method of transmission is 100% secure over the internet or electronic storage, brixinit follows PCI-DSS requirements and implement additional generally accepted industry standards.

Age of consent

There is also the age of consent phenomenon on the brixinit online shopping site and by using the site represents that one is at the least age of majority and in their state or province or area of residence and also one has given consent of allowing access to the site by any of their minor dependents.

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