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KALI tampons subscription review

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KALI subscription products box

KALI tampons subscription review

If you are a fan of subscription boxes then look no further because kali products box have got you covered, to suit you in that time of your month, as it is a convenient feminine hygiene product. You may hate going to restock up on feminine products when it is that time of the month when you or your girlfriend is so sensitive and hormonal. She is not such a nice guest and when she does come, she always makes her arrival grand and catches you by surprise. It is at this time that most ladies are concerned about health and hygiene, and this is where the kali boxes come in handy.



KALI tampons subscription review

kali products boxes are manufactured by a company that has specialties in delivering organic and toxin or chemical-free tampons, pads, and sanitary wipes right to your doorstep.

Kali box is amazing as it provides you with your products at your doorstep and this prevents you from moving to the store clenching your pelvic muscles for dear life just to buy a pack of tampons.

Now with the recent attention brought upon harmful ingredients in traditional feminine hygiene products, many women are looking for healthier and less harmful alternatives to the traditional products which proved to be harmful to users. Kali is amongst the newest brands to join the line of feminine hygiene products, and it has proved to very safe to women who use it, and to the environment.

Most of its products are organic-based and are biodegradable therefore they are also safe for the environment.

kali products box mainly are geared towards making you safe during your monthly menses.

inside a kali box

Every kali products box comes with

  • At least fourteen kali tampons, which are carefully selected to suit your custom needs and choice of absorbency in different levels, such as regular, super, or half and half.


  • At least ten kali wipettes which are individually packed pre-moistened towelettes made from organic cotton and the mist, which is a hydrating rose water toner and an aromatherapy spray.


  • KALI tampons subscription review

The founders of the Kali have also brought about a revolution called the Tampon Revolution which uses the tagline “friends don’t let friends use nonorganic tampons” to promote the use of cotton-based hygiene products and protect the women from non-organic products which will otherwise harm them. The key mission of this revolution is, to convert women from buying traditional feminine hygiene products and turn to organic-based tampons and that they need to make an educated choice on the products they use and how important it is to know what goes into your body.

why kali box?

  • These products are one hundred percent made of organic cotton and are free of ingredients that would otherwise be harmful to our bodies such as chlorine bleach, deodorant dyes, and even fragrances. For example, the pads are one hundred percent made from hypoallergic materials.
  • The products in the kali boxes are also vegan and cruelty-free and are additionally certified and approved by the ICEA and GOTS.
  • The wipettes are also free from harsh ingredients such as sulfates, chlorine, and parabens which are safe to be used to freshen up ad clean any part of your body.
  • Furthermore, other accompanying products apart from the tampons, pads, panty liners, and wipettes are facials mist, coconut body scrub, a custom essential oil blend menstrual cups, bath soaks all of which are also made of organic-based materials.
  • Kali Boxes are mainly interested in giving you the comfort you need and make you feel good during that time of your month so that you can feel pampered when you just feel not okay and prolyl not at your best.
  • It fits as a “the time of your month whole package” and a lot more of a beauty and self-care sample deal making it one of the best fully packed subscriptions out there.

Now you are probably good and very punctual at keeping your period supplies but what if there is an emergency and you are left turning the house upside down looking for that one pad to save you, that is where kali boxes subscription come in.

The products in the kali boxes are its thing when it comes to feminine hygiene products. These are probably the products that you have been looking for during that time of your month and remember the products are free of chemicals.

The tampon and cardboard applicator are one hundred percent biodegradable and they are also sustainably sourced and neither do they shred fiber.

The liners are also 100% hypoallergenic and the cloth they are made of is entirely organic and their absorbency is terrific! And the wipes come in handy too.

The wipes are also great for traveling and freshening up too not only on your Ms.V but also your face and underarms. These are organic and all-natural and also purely sulfate and paraben-free.

subscription fee

The Kali Box subscription costs roughly around $18-$23 a month and this depends on options the box offers. The cost is just about the same as tampons and pads you purchase at the pharmacy or the supermarket but much better quality and better for your body and health. Additionally, it saves you unnecessary trips to the drug store or the supermarket and you can put to rest your worries of not having pads each month when your evil step sister flow arrives.

Teen box

Along with the kali products box, it also offers a teen box catered towards younger girls who may be getting their periods for the first time. The teen box comes with six organic cotton teen day pads, 6 teen night pads, 6 teen panty liners, 4 organic tampons with plastic applicators as well as 10 wipettes, and some special product surprises.

This teen box is perfect for younger girls approaching their periods or those that have already been having their periods for the first time, basically meant for the girls new to the world of feminine hygiene and are not certain of just what product to use.

The kali teen box is a perfect place to start the journey on feminine hygiene as it allows the teen girls to carefully try all the products and find what rightfully works best for them.

This teen box makes a perfect gift for your daughter or niece who may be feeling worried and insecure about starting their period. Young girls will also appreciate the goods that come with the kali teen boxes.

kali personal boxes

Kali also offers a ton of different types of personal boxes you can order from kali. Each Kali Luxury box contains 14 organic tampons or 16 organic pads, 10 individually wrapped kali wipettes,10 organic thong panty liners, and one personal pampering product.

Also, there are other Kali boxes to suit your individual needs.

They include:

Every other month luxury box, Tampon and liner only, bi-monthly box, pad and liner only monthly box, and Kali wipette bi-monthly box. Each box contains specific products and a certain amount of them to stock up for the month or every month.

Buy kali for the greater good

For every box you buy, Kali donates sanitary products to homeless shelters. The maker company donates sanitary products to the homeless shelters for every box sold this is amongst the most amazing aspects you would hear about the company and this gives an impression of just how amazing the maker company is. The company also builds an image of how women should help one another giving an impression of women solidarity, especially in a uniting matter such as menses and periods.

kali is suited for your needs

To top it all the absorbency of either of its products are not the same as it does not ship the same absorbency to everyone because everyone has got different levels of flow some heavy and some light. It continues to offer subscriptions depending on the level of the flow and gives three options which are all regular, half regular and half super. It is recommended that you order the super absorbencies if you have a heavy flow.

free shipping

The maker company also offers free shipping as compared to a couple of other subscription boxes that may not provide free shipping. I mean who does not love his product brought right at their door without paying a single penny. Free shipping may be the reason why some people buy products. Paying for shipping may be the last thing to think about as the hygiene products may already be pricey and adding the shipping cost may prove difficult most of us.

FREE pampering gift

If you subscribe to the monthly kali luxury box or every other monthly luxury box you also get an additional relaxing pampering product this product helps us unwind.

  • The pampering products such as the Kali mist, hydrates and refreshes the skin with rose water. It can be used as a toner or a simple mist when in need of extra hydration.
  • There is also the virgin coconut sugar scrub and exfoliator that is also sulfate and paraben-free.
  • The kali lavender-infused bath salt can help calm the body when using it in your baths.
  • The essential oil blend that you can apply on the face, hands, and feet reduces stress and hydrates the skin.

Kali boxes are founded on the dual concern about what women are putting into their bodies and the impact that this product has on the environment. So basically, their products are carefully manufactured and nature-based to ensure that after usage and during disposal, they have no negative impact on the environment and this brings in the concept of Eco consciousness on the hygiene products.

Well, you could say they are killing two birds at the same time in the sense that the products take care of the women during their time of the month and at the same time take care of the environment.

On arrival of your boxes you will notice that the box has been organized with care and extreme attention to suit your needs.  Separated with dividers on the inside, tampons on one side, wipe on the other etcetera, and just about everything that will help you survive your month.

kali informative blog

Additionally, Kali boxes also run kaliperiodical.com apart from offering subscriptions boxes full of organic feminine hygiene products, which is an informative blog organized kali team which has got topics on sex and relationship advice, period talk, lifestyle, travel, health and wellness where one can get information and also get their questions answered on the related topics.

The Kali periodical is a great resource for women of all ages, as it provides insight into everything a modern lady needs to know. The site is run by the company CEO and a team consisting of nutritionists, writers, and even fitness experts.

It is one of the most informative blogs out there for women and it is worth a visit if you are looking for fun and educational content, and maybe this might get you excited.

You can customize the box, that is you can decide on what you want to be out in the kali box subscription, and your box will be shipped within 2-3 business days and the first day of every month.


That notwithstanding, kali boxes go-ahead to provide for and make it easy for its consumers to get the latest brand updates on their social media platforms. The website kaliperiodical.com allows for one to join the kali tribe and sign up for email updates making you the first o have the information or news.

The kali team also strives to get involved with the community, and especially the consumers of its products. On feminine health and hygiene and the team is always available to answer and are very accessible, through their contact page on the kali site.

The site has also got the FAQ window providing you the visitor with answers to your frequently asked questions. The site is also user friendly, and this goes a long way to just show how a priority, it is for kali to care for women menstrual health and hygiene.

The only way to know if kali products are for you is by trying them and if the above piece of information has not convinced you then I strongly suggest you give it a try because it is worth it, so what are you waiting for?

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