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how to build a click funnel for free

by Martin Kinyua
: how to build a click funnel for free

How to Use ClickFunnels

ClickFunnel is software that eases the buying and selling of products online in a more convenient way. Unlike traditional marketing that involves the integration of programmers to create websites and promote them with numerous coding and Html skills, ClickFunnel allow you to create and design your desired selling mode and reach more customers.

Russel Brunson is the co-founder of ClickFunnel, a software company that offers a platform for over 100,000 entrepreneurs who market their products and services through it.

Russel owns the number one podcast on marketing strategies, he has also featured in the Forbes, the Huffington Post, and the entrepreneur magazine. Russel is also the author of books that offer information on marketing based on true and proven facts.

Creating a basic clickfunnel

The procedure of preparing the available array of clickFunnels is easy and involves following a set of procedures to attain the right visually appealing page that will lead to more traffic and eventually more purchases to your site.

Upon creating an account, click on the accounts tab, navigate to digital datasets, add new datasets, fill in the tab that pops out your email information, name and upload the file. Then create a digital asset.

Add a new Funnel by pressing the “add new” button, you can then select your desired Funnel type, either collect emails, sell a product, host a webinar, become an affiliate, develop a coaching funnel or become a clickFunnel certified developer.


ClickFunnel offers (SaaS) software as a service that allows users to create a website, clickfunnels allows you to create funnels like;

Opt-in funnel

In digital marketing email marketing is the top-ranked marketing method because it is effective and easy to use, it involves sharing information that is relevant to your consumers. Manual collection and transfer of email addresses can be a very daunting task, opt-in funnels allow you to capture email addresses of potential clients and automatically update your mailing list.

The opt-in funnel allows you to provide an enticement known as lead magnets to the reader in the form of templates, cheat sheets, e-books, a major discount, checklists or a special promotion in very simple steps.

ClickFunnels allows you to customize your webpage or blog to suit the needs of the consumer.

Creating an opt-in Funnel requires you to have;

   1.landing page

It is a webpage that allows you to access certain parts of a website or the entire website. It is the page that is opened when someone clicks an advert on Google, Facebook, or other advertising platforms.

Landing pages help to lower the cost of getting a sale, they also increase Google AdWords conversion campaigns. Paid landing pages differ from organic search results query in that, you are the one that chooses where a click on a link directs the user.

In paid advertising a single or few links on your landing page are more effective than many links, this is because, the more the links the lesser chance of clicking the desired link.

     2.Thank you, page

It is a page that the user is redirected to after completing the tasks on the landing page. It includes the prize or the promise that is rendered on the landing page, for example, giving access to the e-book, cheat sheet, promotion, discount, and checklist.

When the customer lands on the thank you page, they have already decided to buy or want to receive your services at a certain period, therefore it is important to keep the customer engaged.

The thank-you note should start with a thank you to the user, and a clear layout of your website this shows more content and catches the user’s attention, lead the user to the offer, recommend other relevant items or services and add a share icon to spread the news.

  1. Automatic email responder

As the name says it is a program that automatically responds to emails. It also sorts out invalid emails and delivers appropriate emails according to the receiver’s needs. Clickfunnel has its email service while other people prefer to use covertkit to prepare a setup that effectively delivers the lead magnets to the subscribers.


You can also integrate ClickFunnels to promote your online conferences and seminars. Webinars are audial visual and users can answer questions and fill polls.

Webinars create a platform where you can integrate and communicate with the customer. This is a powerful salesperson’s tool as it creates trust between the buyer and the seller.

You must have done thorough research on the product to spend time talking about it. Webinars lead to more sales than other ClickFunnels.

The process of creating a normal webinar is complex, as compared to the ClickFunnels webinar that only includes using the dashboard to create a simple and detailed webinar with landing pages that entice the reader to sign in, watch the video, replay and even buy the product.

The process of building a webinar page involves; creating a webinar funnel, adding its page templates, setting the live webinar time and you are good to go.

Sales funnel

The main reason for starting a website or a blog page is sorely to earn except for non-profit organizations and several institutions. Thousands off websites are created every day for companies and individuals and are competing for the topmost ranked position, therefore, a thorough sales strategy is needed to promote and sell your products.

A sales funnel is the process taken for a potential customer to buy the product or service.  Different things may be offered at each point depending on their preference.

It starts with a large group of customers who have either heard of the product or have been hit by curiosity, some customers only log in to gain more information about the product, only a little percentage of the initial clicks make a purchase.

A well-designed sale system that leads the buyer smoothly through the process is therefore required.

Manually setting a sales Funnel takes a lot of time and is expensive, but ClickfFunnels has offered a simpler alternative that takes only a small portion of your time and offers attractive designs for newbies that can be changed with time.

The process of creating a sales ClickFunnel is simple and sweet as they offer tutorials and gifts like t-shirts and a ready-made email funnel, on watching the tutorials. The tutorials are short and quite informative.

The process involves choosing the type of funnel you need and manipulating the available template to achieve the required end product. Using the editor, you can drag and drop elements, change the appearance and the wording.

ClickFunnels supports text, basic image type, short animated clips, higher resolution images, very basic spreadsheets, and more complex spreadsheets.

The process of building a sales ClickFunnel is easy but it includes more than a few pages; it integrates a set of steps that the user follows. The customers’ choices determine the offers they get (upsells and down sells) through their emails captured during the opt-in page stage.

The autoresponder then sends a series of emails that lead the user to the thank you page where you can get the prize that was promised. They may also be offered a purchasing chance.

A sales funnel is, therefore, a chain of pages that Allow action flows that are integrated with autoresponders and payment processors without human intervention.

Sales ClickFunnels are user-friendly as they merely depend on mutual trust between the buyer and the seller, making it a legitimate business that does not reap off the sweat of others or create unnecessary traffic.

Become a ClickFunnell certified partner

Another way you can earn using ClickFunnell is becoming a funnel builder, this includes taking a 12-week course that teaches all this. Becoming a ClickFunnell certified partner is a good-paying job that can get you up to 10,000$ per month.

The availability of the online course is limited. The certified course gives you all the relevant information on building ClickFunnels types, their architecture, testing, and optimization.

Membership referral sites

They pay you for every person that registers or clicks your referral link, 40% of the subscriber’s fees are credited to your account each time a new member joins and recurs thereafter if they maintain and renew their membership. For example, you are paid 40% for each referred customer.

Part-time earning can supplement or even be the sole source of your capital. They also offer a dream car support incentive that you gain 500$ a month upon reaching 100 referrals an amount that doubles with doubling of the referrals.

For instance, if you promote a product and make 2$ from the product, the customer likes the products and signs in to the software in the basic 97$ plan, you earn an additional 38.80$. this is a lucrative business that may not require large amounts of investments.

Coaching funnel

It is easy to earn by simply coaching people to do certain tasks with the help of ClickFunnel, good self-marketing skills are required but with the help of ClickFunnel you can easily integrate an already existing funnel to meet your advertising needs.

The main idea of advertising is getting interested buyers to reach out to you instead of the other way around. You can integrate your social accounts to drive more traffic to your sites.


GroovePages is an incredible intuitive page and channel manufacturer for online advertisers. It’s intended to help organizations and advertisers make proficient points of arrival, fabricate channels, and plan sites.

It utilizes the most refreshed innovation to improve internet promoting needs. Regardless of your ability levels, GroovePages will profit you.

One of the center highlights of GroovePages depends on the way that approx. 80% of the code runs on the browser.

This gives the client more control. It likewise uses VUE.JS, a reformist Javascript structure to control the framework.

This merits featuring because a large group of page manufacturers uses Bootstrap, which is presently an obsolete structure, taking into account how quickly innovation develops nowadays.

Another part of GroovePages is the stacking speed. Indeed, it utilizes the Google cloud platform… read more


Some people prefer to design their ClickFunnell templates from scratch or edit the already made template. For newbies, it is recommended that you choose a template and re-design it to your own taste and preference. Editing a template involve putting the words in a font and style that is appealing to the user. People tend to be attracted by beautiful things and thus it is important to make a catchy one.






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