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Shaffie Weru, Joe mfalme and Neville Musya sacked and banned

by Martin Kinyua


Shaffie Weru, Joe mfalme and Neville Musya sacked and banned

So! the other day the legendary Shaffie Weru, Dj Joe Mfalme  and the other not known person drew the headlines after they talked about a story that not many knew much about, or let’s say brought up a story from a few months ago about a woman who received unfair treatment as the legal minds call it after denying a man his needs or can I just say their needs, gender bias notwithstanding. The few of us who have read few psychological books know that we men or the masculine gender are used to get what we wanted for centuries so long as we can.


The human brain has not evolved much after the so-called advancement to the superior rational beings that we think we are. Not that we are just puppets whose concern Is judging other people’s actions by the o called “norms book” what are we supposed or not opposed to do or say lest it be held against us. We are all just a few brain sizes by volume away from our descending apes whose sole aim was to feed the colony and protect it. Everyone is up to justify their reaction. Let get into the brains of the woman who climbed 12 stories’ to meet or asquint with the unsavory man who we are all about to go stepping about, at the back of her head she knew at least something was gonna go down not that she imagined herself. Not that I am passing the blame on her but an apartment is not a place to get to know someone especially when booze is present. Not that am trying to justify the actions of the man.
If you came to listen to the argument Joe Mfalme was on the rational part of the story not that I am on his defense but to bring limelight to the picture they did it for that girl for making her story heard, by the judgmental ears of the people.

Their employer had no option but to wash the hands of their connection to the very people who they employed and vowed to protect, “they should have reviewed the contents said on their said show if they at least cared about their reputation”. But they saw the opportunity to lay off some “high earning paychecks because shaffie and joe were earning above the 1 m mark per month the other guy not quite as much.
Our so-called free state is not free so long as you say something that “they “don’t want to hear. It’s a pity to lose the very people who are at the epitome of their careers, not that we shall literally lose them because they have quite a following and their social networks are quite as strong.
Times are hard and what we need is a little laugh, how best to deal with a problem than to throw sarcasm at it. The media regulatory committee or can we call it the content Sievers should know that it is not easy to get people’s attention nowadays after the many problems and difficulties in our day-to-day life content censuring should be where we draw the line. Read the newspapers on Sunday showbiz for the “another promising renowned artist badmouthed to downfall”.

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