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Hims and Hers review therapy session for anxiety

by Martin Kinyua
Hims and Hers Anonymous Support Groups


Hims and Hers review therapy session for anxiety

Hims and Hers group therapy session for anxiety disorder

Hims and Hers have launched a group therapy session for anxiety disorder through the Hims and hers brands at affordable costs. The push is to reach mental illness patients online due to the restrictions and COVID-19 control measures. 

Increased demand was the push factor mainly attributed to the coronavirus and the lockdowns that left people alone and isolated. 

Hims and Hers review

Hims and Hers review

Due to reduced stigmatization, mental health has become the new niche for experts and startups not to mention gurus. 

Hims and Hers review therapy session for anxiety

Hims is an awareness brand that helps to destigmatize disorders like wellness, anxiety disorder, sexual health, and erectile dysfunction. “It’s probably the simplest leap the company has made,” Andrew Dudum, the founder and chief executive said. 

He added that STDS, acne, hair loss, and performance anxiety can corner your confidence and are not discussed often. He, therefore, saw the need for helping their customers in dealing WITH anxiety, stress, and depression. 

 Hims and Hers are on the verge of starting their brand into the mental awareness using anonymous group therapy and meditations that avoid the hurdles of individual therapy or text messaging individuals. 

Anxiety disorder is the prevalent to about 3 billion people across the world according to the WHO. It occurs commonly yet less than half of the people with the disorder seek help. 

Despite anxiety disorder being diagnosable, it is not a necessity to have it diagnosed to feel difficulty in daily activities due to consistent negative thoughts. 

Hims and Hers review

Hims and Hers group

Whether it is occasional or consistent it is good to learn about coping mechanisms to help control your anxious thoughts. We should be proactive about our mental wellbeing instead of laying low and ignoring it whatsoever. 

Hims launches group therapy services

The federal and state government regulations state that every mental health practitioner should have a license, bringing the company to start this online service. 

The company currently operates with 20 mental health specialists who work through Regroup Telehealth a big telepsychiatry provider. 

Anonymous Support Groups for anxiety disorder

Him’s vision is to offer care through anonymous group therapy to individuals, video consultations, and offer medical prescriptions. 

Dr. Patrick Carroll, the company’s chief medical officer said that the company metal health solutions will provide basic services that don’t include the prescription of controlled substances. 

Dr. Carroll said, “We only treat low-risk patients. It will be the same thing for behavioral health… the conventional screen is a PHQ9… We will have a depression and anxiety screen. For those folks that get scripts, we can make sure that their prescriptions line up with the tests and screens.”

Hims and Hers review therapy session for anxiety
Anonymous Support Groups for anxiety disorder

On controlled substances she said “The majority of things that we will prescribe will be [serotonin reuptake inhibitors],” said Caroll. Those are medications like Prozac, Zoloft, and Lexipro.” Therefore, they will not prescribe drugs like Xanax, Ritalin, Adderall, or anti-psychotics for more complicated cases. 

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On the therapist minimum standards of care Dr. Caroll said “We’re going to have the same quality structure in place,” said Dr. Carroll. “We will have therapists as well as advisers who are going to be part of the quality review process and review encounters to make sure that the guidelines are followed.”

The therapy sessions are offered free of charge at the moment due to the COVID-19 10 situation but will be charged at $15 once the situation comes about. This will be followed by a monthly fee of $50 per month for customized treatments and SMS therapy. 

Hims and Hers are offering an out-of-pocket service unlike their counterparts the Sondermind that are financed by a healthcare plan. 

Andrew Dudum said that they have over a million customers in the past year suffering from diabetes to Cardiovascular diseases making them prepare over 300 physical therapies. 

According to Steve Monte, a field lecturer with the Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work at the University of Southern California, mental health is the most appropriate candidate for a telemedical offering. 

Steve Monte said “I like to think about it as an idea whose time has come, “Coronavirus has shed a light on how useful these services are.”

This has resulted in many organizations resulting in online mental services like Teladoc which recently started betterhelp a phone service.

Kirsten Green the Forerunner Ventures co-f.ounder and the managing partner saw the digital move as the best move the company has done so far. 

Kirsten Green said “The thing that drew me to the company was reimagining certain elements of healthcare and providing access to people, “We’re not going to be able to service every medical need in this way. To the extent that there are things that can be handled in the appropriate high-integrity way that can be supplied digitally, we want to be able to provide that to the customer.

Normal Anxiety vs Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is present in different forms that make us feel anxious and experience periodical anxiety spurts that are of little worry to us. These can come because of expectations like family events, The Holidays, meeting big deadlines, and receiving great or bad news. But when the symptoms are more frequent its is recommended to see mental health care. 

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), if controlling your thoughts and anxiety lasts for more than 6 months or experience 3 sporadic symptoms you may suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and should seek help from a medical practitioner. 

Hims and Hers review therapy session for anxiety

Anxiety coping tips 

Check out these tips on coping with anxiety.


Different approaches are required to mitigate your anxious thoughts. CDC published a study that listed Yoga and Meditation among the best anxiety controlling measures. 

In the US the medication rate went from 4 % to 14% from 2-12 to 2017 among adults raising the question of whether a medication was the appropriate medium?  

Medical journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience published a study that listed meditation as an anxiety remedy by decreasing the brain’s activity at the time. 

Researchers from John Hopkins University also produced a report that supports yoga as an anxiety controlling mechanism. The study came from case studies of 18,753 patients showing that it can help individuals to cope with anxiety physical pain and stress. 

Ways to start meditating. 

With the internet era there are websites and applications like Think and CalmBreathStop, Headspace and Addiction Rehab Treatment that can help you meditate anytime. You can also find yoga classes and studies that offer traditional meditation forms. 

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises in the mindfulness meditation routine can help cure anxiety. 

The amygdala is the body part that helps in controlling emotions and is influenced by breathing. 

Even though we breathe unconsciously without giving it a single thought, when we focus on breathing and employ it to reach equilibrium it alters our body’s functioning. Look for the step-by-step guide by ADAA for breathing session directions. 


Exercising is good for the body for many reasons, for instance, regulating your weight, thus reducing the onset of cardiovascular diseases, it helps the body to manage glucose and maintain insulin levels leaving us in our best shape. 

In a 2013 review of various animal studies, researchers found out the effects of exercising on reducing stress and anxiety levels, and overall mood changes.

Exercising is also attributed to improved sleep, not underestimating the effects of good sleep on our lives. 


Professional help is available to those with serious anxiety issues that cannot be healed by meditating and exercise. 

According to the American Psychological Association you might be a mental health disorder victim if you feel anxious constantly and outlined the following conditions:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): often common with people who have past traumatic events. People with Post-traumatic stress disorder often experience traumatic flashbacks after triggers that arouse the repressed traumas. These flashbacks hinder one from having an accomplished and productive life. 

In generalized anxiety disorder, people suffering from the condition experience nervousness and restlessness, they often feel like something bad is about to happen and are always concerned about things happening to them. They often can’t control their anxiety and engrave themselves in day-to-day activities. 

Social Anxiety Disorder, people with this condition are unable to fit in social activities and find themselves avoiding people. Social Anxiety Disorder can make victims avoid making friends or functioning properly in social settings. 

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), is a condition that makes people experience obsessive rituals and thoughts that deter them from living their lives to the fullest. 

Panic Disorder, people with this condition have concurrent panic attacks that result in trouble breathing and high heart rates. The panic attacks occur at infrequent times and can cause nervousness to people with this type of disorder. 

These disorders are common to most people, you should however consult an expert to determine whether you are a victim and their severity. Seeking help from a therapist can improve your mental wellbeing in addition to clarifying what is ailing you. 

In 2011, Dr. Christian Otte of the medical journal Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, after studying lots of data on therapies concluded that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective measure to curb anxiety disorders. She also added that medication and exercising as mind therapies were also as effective. 

Anxiety disorder treatment
Hims and Hers review

Sometimes mediation and taking mindfulness breathing exercises don’t heal your small voice which is totally fine, because we are here to help you. 

Some of the prescription medications for anxiety include:

  • Beta BlockersBeta-blockers, or beta-adrenergic blocking agents, work by reducing blood pressure. they stop the hormone adrenaline, also known as epinephrine.

Beta-blockers reduce your heartbeat, leading to low blood pressure. they also help clear the blood circulatory system thus improving blood flow.

  • Benzodiazepines, Benzodiazepines act as sedatives and muscle relaxants that work on the central nervous system, they also lower anxiety levels. on 15 o the existing 2,000 Benzodiazepines that exist have been approved by the FDA. their classification is based on the longevity of their effects.   
  • Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) (SSRIs) are antidepressants. They help to ease depression and are quite safe and result in fewer side effects as compared to other antidepressants.

     SSRIs increase the levels of serotonin concentration inn the brain, serotonin being the neurotransmitter that           transport signal from the brain to the nerve cells and vice versa. SSRIs prevent the reuptake of serotonin into           the neurons making more serotonin present to transmit in the neurons. they are also used to treat anxiety               disorders. 

  • Anxiolytics are used to prevent anxiety, they are quick acting therefore should never be recommended for people with addictive personalities. they act by reducing the abnormal excitement through action on chemical messengers in the brain. 

ONLINE PSYCHIATRY: Hims and Hers review therapy session for anxiety

Online treatments have revolutionized the medical era where you can get treated by qualified psychiatrists. Get Evaluated and get Online Prescriptions.

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What assumptions does [Freud’s theory of the unconscious] make about the nature of mind, and are those assumptions philosophically justifiable?

Talking About Your Feelings with Friends and Family

Men are prone to hide their actual feelings and are therefore seek less mental health treatment according to the mental health of America. They also state that younger men are more prone to psychological disorders. 

Talking about yourself to others should never be a problem now that stigmatization is a thing of the past. Understanding people can make life easier for you but not try to baby you and seeing less masculinity. 

Dealing with Physical Consequences of Anxiety

It’s all starts with you, because you are the only one who can start the healing process, from taking therapy sessions, letting the family know, exercising, meditation, or yoga it is your call to make. Your anxiety situation won’t go away unless you take the first baby steps in the healthiest direction. 

Anxiety appears in different forms which also means is diverse treatment modes, what works for me cannot work for you because we are all not built the same. 

Coping with Anxiety: Hims and Hers review therapy session for anxiety
Anxiety disorder treatment

You should keep in mind that you have chosen right by deciding to seek help, it’s a big leap to curing or dealing with this nightmare. 

You can try any of the outlined services from therapy, meditation, yoga, medication, or morning exercises and sure it will work for you. 

Please seek the advice of a qualified psychiatrist or psychologist if your recurrent voices get too loud or won’t just stop. 


The article above is for education purposes only, medications should only be taken under doctors’ prescriptions. 
contact incase of distress.
If you’re in emotional distress, text HOME to connect with a counselor immediately
If you’re having a medical or mental health emergency, call 911 or go to your local ER

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