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google keyword search

by Martin Kinyua
google keyword search

Google keyword search

How to rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS)

Google Keyword Planner free

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Google keyword search: Thousands of blogs are created each day and their owners don’t have a clue about keyword research, or if they do, they look for the most popular topics and fail to understand the complexity of today’s algorithms, which will only have your page pushed to the 20th position, far away to miss organic traffic which is only available to the first pages.

To rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) you have to read this blog because it is not a simple thing to do. This post contains everything you need to know from Google’s latest search algorithms to getting specific pages that have the same keyword.

What you require is the best SEO tools and knowledge on how to commence the process smoothly and correctly. This guide offers customizable to your needs and will offer ways of streamlining keyword research.

How to rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS)

You need to understand the importance of having a great keyword strategy for your webpage. Keywords help you to reach as much organic traffic as they hit their keyboards and attract genuine readers who are genuinely interested in what you offer. This comes with a non-misleading keyword strategy, pitching your keyword in your article with no necessary meaning just to get that click, will not get you anywhere so long as your content is not great.

You need organic traffic as an asset for your webpage to grow and reach expert levels. However, not every blog follows gurus and other internet marketers, who promise the world through magnificent earnings and many clicks and followers overnight. I am here to tell you that it does not work like that because most blogs don’t make any income let alone get a tiny bit of traffic. This is very sad for passionate people who write great content only to get surpassed by marketers and promoted pages.

google keyword search

Brainstorm for niche topics

The list of most popular blogs and their stories has shown that a blog idea comes from your innate interest, it can never be impacted on you, otherwise, you will lose interest in the first five blogs and end up in the algorithm maze. But what is the easiest way to start a blog that will hit and get you out of the rat race? It all starts with brainstorming on your blog ideas, mostly your interests for example software developers. Coaching and creating amazing projects is a great niche, you can share courses, projects, and your coding experience with students and innovative companies.

Another thing to think about is the things you like attending for example a gym subscription can be turned into a blog story that attracts a lot of like-minded people. Discuss the common bodybuilding tips, how to lose fat easily and ways of gaining fat in all the right places pun intended.

How to rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS)

Our last pick is thinking about the things that you already do. For example, architects and interior home designers can share their immense knowledge online for a fee. Gardening tips could be another important theme for gardeners and farmers who have amassed numerous experiences in their day-to-day work. People who have been laid of work due to the Coronavirus can also take their work online and gain massive social media follow-ups.

Picking a niche is a challenging process. But, during this exercise, you will get a better feeling for the topics that resonate with you. The ones that you are most passionate about are the best candidates for your niche blog.

For example, let say you want to start a blog on subscription boxes, the first keywords to delve into would be:

What comes in a gentleman’s box?

kali subscription box

Brexit Lego subscription

Are subscription boxes dying, among others?

These are called broad topic ideas or seed keywords; you need to find more specific and attractive keywords to spice things up.

How to Find seed keywords and gain search volumes

Using Google Keyword Planner to find keywords

Google keyword planner is a handy free tool for finding keywords for your blog. This tool is important when coming up with blog ideas and large keyword lists.

How to create a Google Keyword Planner account for free 

Login or create a new account to enter

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool by google that gives you the power to twerk that keyword into a searchable and responsive weapon. Goggle just needs you to create an account.

If you Don’t have a Google account you can get one for free here.

You need to twerk it a little to access the tool.

Google asks you to set up an AdWords campaign, google puts too much emphasis on this such that it looks like there is no way out, well I got the sauce, pun intended.

You need to outsmart google and run over the few obstacles to achieve the goal without running an AdWords campaign.

Select the switch to expert mode.

google keyword search


On the next screen, press creates an account without a campaign.


google keyword search


On the next page hit the “Submit” button. (relax; Google doesn’t need your credit card details.)

google keyword search

You should then see this screen:

google keyword search

Press the “Explore your account” link.

Next, press the “Tools” link on the menu bar and then “Switch to expert mode.”

google keyword search

Confirm the switch in the prompt.

Finally, press the “Tools” link on the menu followed by the keyword planner link.

google keyword search

Bingo! You are in, I repeat you are in, without paying a single penny. Now let’s explore how to use the keyword planner.

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

The keyword planner by Google allows you only two options, they are:

  1. Find keywords:  find new keyword ideas that will enable you to appear on people’s first-page search results.
  2. Get search volume and forecasts: see historical metrics and keyword search volumes and their performance metrics.

All the options lead to the Keyword plan but it varies according to the option you took. These tools don’t complement each other neither are they standalone tools.

Now Let’s explore each option in detail.

Find keywords

To discover new keywords, start here. Key in your preferred keywords or website URL and the google keyword search algorithm will spit out the suggestions.


Do you want to discover new keyword ideas?

As per google keyword search instructions, just “Enter words, phrases, or a URL related to your business.” Google will then kick back some keyword suggestions.

Here are the suggestions for “tampons”:



There are 1,666 total keyword ideas.

For each suggestion, there are:

  • Monthly searches;
  • Competition;
  • Top of page bid (low range);
  • Top of page bid (high range)

But you’re not limited to single words; phrases also work. And you can enter up to ten seed keywords/phrases at a time.

You can also add phrases and long-form keywords, however, the total number of keywords should never exceed ten.

You can also use a URL or website as the seed keyword.

Another trick is to enter ten seed keywords and a URL instantaneously.

Google keyword search will only show you a few thousand suggestions which are enough for now, that you know how much your target keyword is faring out there.

This is quite good for a completely free tool, you don’t need to pay anything unless you start earning, and opt for AdWords it will only put your expectations high but the reality is based on your content not literally the keywords. There are also other keyword research tools.

Keyword research  tools to test


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