Damaris Nafula Juma

Damaris Nafula Juma, education, political life, Work experience and everything you need to know about Damaris Nafula Juma

Damaris Nafula Juma upcoming Bungoma County Women rep

Damaris Nafula Juma

Education, political life, Work experience, and everything you need to know about Damaris Nafula Juma’s upcoming Bungoma County Women rep.

Damaris Nafula Juma is a trained and Passionate Youth Advocate working at community Levels in Kenya to advocate for the sexual reproductive health and right of adolescents and young people through GirlPower community Organization.


Damaris Nafula Juma aspires to be the next Bungoma County women representative in Parliament. Damaris Nafula Juma aspires to be a junior in every next level she steps.

Education background

From To Education Institution Qualification
2020 2026 Daystar university LLB. Law
2020 2023 Kisii university Public health


politics: Damaris Nafula Juma upcoming Bungoma County Women rep

leadership and politics

Damaris Nafula Juma is a Leader and is always excited about networking with other youth leaders Globally.

Damaris Nafula Juma is well versed with women matters especially on reproduction, and a great advocate of consent before intercourse in lieu of reducing the rampant rape cases, she also advises and counsels victims of rape and sexual assaults. She brags of a making vigorous girls’ campaign and the distribution of menstrual products and sexual education to girls from poor backgrounds.

Skills & endorsements

  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Leadership

Industry Knowledge

  • Finance

Interpersonal Skills

  • Training
  • Management
  • Presentations

Other Skills

Reproductive Health, Studied Public Health at kisii university

Employment/Service History

Founder at GirlPower Community Based.org

GirlPower Community Based.org  Kisii university

Kisii, Kisii County, Kenya

About GirlPower Organisation

Girlpower is a local organization working in the Western and Nyanza regions of Kenya. GirlPower Community Based.org was started on 20th June 2020 as an initiative to help teenagers, Adolescents, Youths, and Young Women to get access to Quality Sexual Reproductive health services, Quality Education, Gender equity and equality, Talent Support, Advocacy, and sensitization of the public on matters HIV and AIDS, STIs and STDs. GirlPower also focuses on critical issues affecting the community including teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, sex education, early marriages, and Youth-friendly services in the community.

What they Do

Sexual Reproductive Health Advocacy

Making a Difference One Child at a Time

GirlPower Community Based.org Reaches out to Adolescents and Young People and educating them on their Sexual Reproductive health. And advocating for their reproductive health


Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

GirlPower Community Based.org is committed to preaching the importance of Education to the young people in communities.

Women Empowerment

Smile Mummy

At GirlPower Community Based.org we empower every woman to stand and be the person she wants to be economically, socially, and physically. GirlPower Community Based.org Empower women to be bold and brave when it comes to how they present themselves in the community. We also celebrate the following days. International Women Day. International Girl Child Day and Mothers Day.


GirlPower Community Based.org foresee world free from HIV/AIDS

GirlPower Community Based.org Sensitize the public on matters HIV AIDS and STIs and STDS. Elimination of Stigma against HIV. Participating in commemoration of international events i.e. World Aids Day, World Contraceptives Day World Condoms Day

Environmental Conservation

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

GirlPower conserves the environment through Tree planting, educating the public on proper disposal of waste, recycling, and reusing them.

Menstrual Health Hygiene

Smile Mummy

This is GirlPower’s Major objective. Every Friday of every two weeks GirlPower Community Based.org visits the less fortunate girls in the community educates them on menstrual health and Donates to them Sanitary towels.

Contact Damaris Nafula juma


+254 (7)90610255

146 Tongaren






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