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How to Sell a house in Kenya. 

by Martin Kinyua
How to Sell a house in Kenya

How to Sell a house in Kenya.

Top websites to sell or look for a house in Kenya 

Selling or buying a house is quite a hassle, leave alone renting because you can move to a better house. When it comes to selling and buying, many things need to be put at stake including the price and the condition. There are websites that provide the ability to post and manage your real estate advertisements for a while. Some of them charge while others offer free service. They also allow paid ads to appear on top of other ads which puts you at an advantage.

Here are some top websites to look for or sell a house in Kenya. 


Buyrentkenya is the best place to place an advert for your property or look for a house because of their many years of experience. Buyrent Kenya also appears higher on the search results in Google because of its strong domain authority. The site’s immense searchers traffic puts it at an advantage and surpasses other sites in property promoting and resulting sales. 

Deals by jumia 

Deals by JUMIA offer a free classifieds site for real estate and other products. With over 50,000 property listings jumia has proven to be a great marketing platform for real estate promotion. Jumia.com doesn’t charge clients to post ads on their site making it pocket-friendly. Its only problem is the huge competition from other ads for appearance and getting user attention.


Cetonvale is an agent advertising portal and works as an advertising agency for properties. It partners with over 250 agents who advertise their listings on the website. It is a property-only blog and earns quite immense traffic making it more profitable ad efficient. 

How to Sell a house in Kenya


Mzalibu is a great property portal space, the website design has great customizable options that possess great ads, filtering, and unique searching features. 


Property.mitula.co.ke is a virtual property search engine, it literally searches for popular sites and gives out information that is fine-tuned to the user’s needs. For agents with a listing service they can partner with property.mitula.co.ke


Homes.trovit.co.ke  is a search engine for properties that look for listings from over 1k sites into one portal. The only problem is you are not allowed to post photos directly on the site. To have your ads run on the site you need to use a partner’s site. The partner’s site includes property24 and deals.jumia.co.ke.

The star classifieds 

The star classifieds is a Kenyan classified ads search listing, it looks for ads from other popular sites and boasts of more than 40,000 advertisements. Posting your ads on the partner’s websites will have them appear on their classifieds.


Property24 is an international African real estate portal. They have developed an app for ios and android phones. They receive quite large traffic from their stable application. Their app also offers analytics and marketing features that make it appealing to new customers. 


This is a classified portal for properties and other products and offers free services. Jiji has quite a huge ads environment averaging over 30,000 real estate listings leaving it with quite a name and has gained trust from e=advertisers and buyers.     


Kenya.rentline promotes rental properties, it boasts of aa responsive fast, and responsive features. An added advantage is that it does not charge for posts. They only promote the latest listings thus their huge ad volumes. It is gaining track in the new market as people are used to manually looking for houses or having friend referrals. 


Estatecloud is a website that helps new developers around Kenya’s property market. It offers a platform for agents to register and run ads on the platform. The site offers research and data on real estate. 


Pigiame.co.ke with over 7, 000 active listings the site is a popular advertising website. It garners a lot of organic traffic however your ad’s visibility may be undermined by the heavy competition. 


Toletdigital.com is an agency that markets real estate it is literally a site that only offers real estate and other property marketing services. 


Propertytoday.co.ke the site hosts Nairobi’s ads for sales and rentals. Its main advantage is it only brings ads from Nairobi, therefore, no ad space competition and unwanted traffic.


Myproperty.co.ke is a portal with huge amounts of active listings and traffic. It offers a lot of choices and active listings which march your query and newsfeed on How to Sell a house in Kenya. 


Ke.pata.africa offers rental property promotions in its classified’s feeds. It receives quite some traffic making it a good site for rental property promotion. However, it has the limitation of meeting your target audience on the site compared to other sites that specify property listings


Anza, this site has amazing traffic for your advertisement it has existed for a while making it ideal for your postings. It is a great site to put ads on your business for agents and homeowners. 


Fyndaa.com  everything you need to find you can at fyndaa.com from cars, services, properties, rentals, and other goods. It is free to post platform that has huge traffic.  


Rentpoa thus is a listing website for real estate that only allows agents to post free rental ads. The website has unique user interphase that is responsive and fast. The site receives huge traffic from landlords and tenants making it an ideal site to post your rentals for viewers. 


Haofinder this property ads company has a listing portal and a property blog that have quite huge traffic. Advertisement on haofinder.com appears on their partner site and their blogs making it a unique marketing service. Haofinder is one of the managed solutions out there to look out for.  


Properties.co.ke this is a real estate agents’ portal that does not charge for adverts. Its user interface is intuitive, although it was recently started it have garnered quite a following and domain authority. 


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