Google rolls out a feature to show users details about data mined by apps and its use

Google rolls out a feature to show users details about data mined by apps and its use

Google is rolling out a new feature to show users more details about the data apps collect and how they’re used. The feature has its own section in the Play Store and is gradually rolling out to all users.

App developers are asked to provide the required information for their listings by July 20. Google announced the development of the feature earlier this year to give users more information and context about how their data is being used.
The feature shows what data each app collects, how it is used, whether they share data, and their security practices. Google also informs users whether developers adhere to Google Play’s family policy and whether a third party has verified their security practices.

“Even app developers who do not collect user data must complete this form and provide a link to their privacy policy,” the site reads.

Google is following in Apple’s footsteps after the tech giant launched a similar feature in 2020. However, Google points out that the security part is not a copy of Apple, so developers should not expect to share the same information on both systems.

“The taxonomy and framework of the Data Security section on Google Play may be very different from those in other app stores,” Google said on its support page.

The move is to protect the data users share with apps on the Play Store.

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