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Importance of developing a marketing strategy 

by Martin Kinyua
Importance of developing a marketing strategy 

Importance of developing a marketing strategy

Marketing plays a significant part in running businesses as it is a strategy for them to thrive.
Through customer interaction, a business succeeds and can beat its competitors regardless of
whether they are offering the same products marketing strategies need to be used by a company
or an organization to deliver what the customer expects of them.

To market businesses and organizations in an effective manner, marketers need to acknowledge
that marketing involves several needs which mainly stem from the customer rather than the

How to develop a marketing strategy


Choose the target market: The target market refers to who the organization wants to sell its products to. Not all market segments are beneficial to organizations. Some segments are guaranteed to be quick wins, others have great potential, but the barriers to entry can be high. Organizations must make careful choices. Thorough market research must be conducted on the characteristics of buyers in the target market and the specific needs of buyers.

Integrated Marketing Mix: The marketing mix refers to how an organization intends to sell its products. Organizations must collect the four Ps of marketing in the right combination. Gathering the marketing mix is ​​a critical part of the marketing mission.

Importance of developing a marketing strategy 

Developing an effective marketing strategy is essential because it is the gateway to setting
business goals and objectives. Once the business owner acknowledges their position, they can
think about what they need to achieve or the goals. One way of thinking about it is setting
SMART goals are Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and bound within a specific
time frame.

Marketing also plays a significant role in understanding a customer’s needs, realizing them, or
making them real. By classifying customers according to behavior and type, the staff satisfies
them easily. It also helps to identify and clarify the priorities of businesses without bringing in
elements of confusion and opportunity cost.

Simplify product development

Marketing strategies will help you develop products and services with the best chance of making a profit. Because a marketing strategy starts with market research, consider your best target customers, what your competitors are doing, and what trends are likely to emerge. You use this information to determine what benefits customers and customers want, what they are willing to pay, and how you can differentiate your product or service from your competitors.

Help determine the best price

Part of a marketing strategy is determining the right price for your product or service based on what you’ve learned in market research. If you learn that customers want premium products in your category, your pricing strategy may require you to sell at prices that create perceived premium value. If your target customers love to haggle and are willing to accept less bells and whistles for your product in order to pay less for it, then your pricing strategy requires you to sell at or below your competitors.

Organizational Influence and Communication

When you develop a marketing strategy, your departments work better together because they all work on the same plan. For example, your advertiser will talk to your product developer to determine what information you should send to illustrate your interests. Your reps will talk to the people responsible for managing your image to see if they can offer discounts, coupons, or rebates without compromising your brand.


An effective marketing development strategy should offer more minor operation hurdles and
instead, provide clear and well-understood goals, understand the customer needs, and prioritize them
above the owners, and keep the business priorities right without mix-ups.

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