CBK Pension towers launch sparks attention for ultra-modern appearance

CBK Pension towers launch sparks attention for ultra-modern appearance: Kenya’s newest skyscraper, the 2.5 billion Kenyan shillings CBK Pension towers, is attracting considerable attention in China with its ultra-modern appearance.

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Pensions Chairman Dominic Mwenja said on Thursday, May 26 at the opening of the building in the presence of President Uhuru Kenyatta that the building was even in It was respected in China before it opened.

CBK Pension towers launch sparks attention for ultra-modern appearance

He further explained that it is one of the coolest and most modern buildings on the entire continent while being environmentally friendly. “This building is the coolest and most modern building in the CBD and Nairobi today. I am happy to tell you that Kenyans are creative enough to design such an iconic building that in China is even considered the most modern in Africa one of the buildings.
“For that, we thank the team that did this. We built a great viewing area in this building so you can see the whole county,” Mwenja said.

Designed by Kenyan architects owned by Arprim Consultants, CBK Pension Tower is equipped with solar panels to provide clean energy during the day.

Located on Harambee Avenue in Nairobi, the skyscraper features two shining sky-blue glass towers facing opposite directions.

Talking about its design, Mwenja revealed that it was inspired by retirees in two different directions, and the goal of pensions is to provide retirees with permanent funding.

“The fund started developing the property as one of its assets more than 4 years ago to ensure CBK’s retirees can retire comfortably.“A lot of people ask me why both towers are leaning in opposite directions. The whole idea is to have two retirees, one going this way and the other going this way. In between, we have pension funds and CBK being the backbone and support for our retirees is a testament to how we see retirees,” he explained.

The skyscraper is a 27-story building with 6 basements, including office space and retail for private tenants.

It is also intended to house a currency museum, conference, and support facilities.

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