IEBC meets media on election reporting readiness

IEBC meets media on election reporting readiness: Prior to the elections on August 9, the IEBC and the Kenya Media Sector Working Group met on Friday to discuss election readiness.

At the meeting in Diani, Kwale County, the media’s involvement in managing election results throughout the election season was emphasized.The IEBC stated in a statement that the convention will enable editors and reporters to gauge the organization’s degree of readiness for the delivery of legitimate elections on August 9.

The approval of a protocol on media access to information, including election results, was another major topic of discussion at the meeting.
A national dialogue will be convened, according to the statement, to bring together duty-bearers, the general people, and the media.
Participants will be able to evaluate how various duty bearers contribute to preserving peace and fair elections on the platform.

It will also be decided on a protocol for media reporting on election results.
The IEBC and other stakeholders’ degree of electoral readiness for elections reporting is to be evaluated.

A practical viewpoint on the relationship between the electoral commission and media in results management in their nation was offered by representatives from the Electoral Commission of Ghana and the Joy News media organization.

Ghana is known throughout the world as one of the countries where media coverage of election results has significantly increased voter trust.

The Kenya Media Sector Working Group and the Kenya Editors Guild are dedicated to advancing press freedom and high-caliber journalism in Kenya.

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