Kirinyaga tea farmers rejoice after a big bonus

Kirinyaga tea farmers rejoice after a big bonus: Tea farmers in Kirinyaga County have joined KTDA board member John Mithamo in thanking the government for the large bonus payment for their goods.

According to Mithamo, this was accomplished despite Kenya’s domestic market’s low tea consumption.

He added that the fair bidding of the goods at the Mombasa tea auction and the growth of the dollar, which reached a high of Sh120, both significantly influenced the high price.

“Reliable markets in Kenya have reported a low rate of tea consumption. As a result, a large portion of the farmers’ produce is still present in our stores and is awaiting export. Whatever the circumstances, the Mombasa tea auction’s skyrocketing prices—which reached as high as $3 from the reserve price of $2.43—combined with the dollar’s strength produced flawless outcomes, he added.

He added that the hefty incentive will benefit the farmers by protecting them from being taken advantage of by predatory lenders.

Low incentive payments would have been equally fatal for the farmers, who would have been forced to take out loans from several local lenders at high-interest rates. This would be one method to undermine the protections we have put in place for the tea producers up to this point.

The excellent incentive ranges from Sh31 to Sh35.50 per kilo, up from Sh21 last year, according to Mithamo, who is also one of the directors of the Ndima tea business. This is an increase.

The tea factory in Mununga, which will pay Sh35.50, will have the highest salary, followed by Ndima and Kimunye, which will both pay Sh34, and Thumaita, which will pay Sh32.50, and Kangaita, which will pay Sh31.

The board member of the tea agency stated that, in accordance with the government’s directive, farmers will receive their money in early July when speaking to tea growers in Ndia on Friday.

“Farmers’ payments won’t be delayed any longer. The previous administration held onto the money until October or even paid when it suited them. Farmers must be treated with respect for their labor and promptly given what is due to them, he said.

Mithamo also forewarned factory employees who worked along with tea dealers and nefarious financial institutions to keep the farmers in poverty.

He claimed that as a result of the efficiency of the new tea rules, their aspirations to dominate the tea industry had since been surpassed by time.

He claimed that the tea agency will do all it took to prevent exploitative businesses from operating.

To help a tea farmer, “we are willing to go as far as writing to the anti-corruption agency to do a lifestyle audit on some individuals.”

Additionally, he advised Kenyans to develop a culture of tea consumption in order to advance the local tea industry.

“Let’s follow the lead of the Arab nations, which have embraced a culture of tea consumption and even regard tea as a meal component. For instance, a Pakistani drinks at least five cups of tea every day, as opposed to us who do not consider tea to be a beverage.

Farmers who spoke with the Star praised the increased pricing, saying it is proof that the industry has improved and is headed toward recovery.

Beth Nduku claimed that the extra money will allow her to purchase necessities that have recently increased in price as a result of the high cost of living.

“The extra cash will supplement the monthly income I receive from selling my fruit and will go a long way toward helping me buy basic necessities for my family,” the author says.

Justus Wachira claimed that by purchasing the essential inputs, the money will help him enhance his farming. He also praised the government for streamlining the industry, noting that farmers’ efforts are now beginning to pay off.

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