Gachagua’s DP dream: Recover frozen money, build house for women to drink porridge

Rigathi Gachagua, Kenya Kwanza’s running mate for president, declared on Tuesday that once they win the August elections, he will be able to access his frozen funds.

Gachagua declared that he would use the funds to construct a luxurious home.

The MP claimed his new home will feature a nyama choma base for males and porridge for women who visit his wife while speaking in Mathira during the political gathering.

“You know this government froze my account. When we take power, I will take my money back and I will come and build a home here in Kieni so that you can come to visit me. I will build a nice house and also a nice place where men can grill meat and also drink what we drink as we talk,” Gachagua said.

We’ll have a pleasant spot set aside for the ladies, where they can visit the husband’s wife while sipping porridge and dancing.

Gachagua’s three personal accounts at Rafiki Microfinance Bank were suspended in May 2020 due to accusations of money laundering.

Gachugua was under investigation for allegedly conspiring with Nyeri county and state department of irrigation officials through his businesses and close friends to obtain money thought to be the proceeds of crime.

Senior resident magistrate Muthoni Nzibe granted ARA’s request and ordered all accounts to be frozen for a number of days, preventing Gachagua from doing any transactions.

Martin Kinyua

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