Ngirici tells off Speaker Muturi for claiming she is unfit

Ngirici tells off Speaker Muturi for claiming she is unfit: According to National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi, Wangui Ngirici, a Kirinyaga Woman representative, is unqualified to serve as governor of Kirinyaga County.

Muturi claimed the county Womenrep underperformed in her capacity as a woman representative and questioned her ability to handle the top county position.

Ngirici quickly retaliated, however, by asking the Speaker to clarify whether he had entered a race for county governor between two women.

Ngirici chastised the Speaker for implying that she had underperformed in Parliament in her social media posts on Sunday.

“Hon Muturi must be aware that making a populist statement at a political gathering has some weight and appeals to the masses. Don’t let the sound of your voice mislead you into entering a contest between two women, she said.

When Muturi rejected the Woman MP’s ability to lead the county on Saturday while speaking with Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru, Ngirici was reacting.

The MP, according to the Speaker, performed poorly in Parliament and was therefore unqualified to serve as governor of Kirinyaga.

“Mimi kama prefect wa hawa wabunge sikuona huyu anaongea. Hakuifanya kazi yeyote huko bunge. Hata mkimchagua awe governor ni kulala tu (As their prefect in Parliament, she did not do much. Even if you elect her as governor, all she’ll do is sleep),” Muturi said.

During a Kenya Kwanza rally at Kiamutugu Centre in Gichugu Constituency, the Speaker encouraged the crowd to choose leaders who are qualified to improve their quality of life.

Cecily Mbarire, a candidate for governor of Embu, joined Muturi to rally support for Governor Waiguru, who is competing for her position with Senator Charles Kibiru and Ngirici.

Ngirici is praised as one of the front-runners in the contest, despite suggestions that Waiguru would have the upper hand as a result of her campaign and Kibiru’s.

Because of this, the Kenya Kwanza squad oozed confidence that they would win for DP William Ruto and Waiguru in the nation.

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