State puts Waiguru on spot for allegedly using goons to cause chaos

Anne Waiguru, the governor of Kirinyaga County, has been warned by Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho for reportedly deploying thugs to incite unrest throughout the county.

Speaking on Friday, Kibicho claimed that his ministry had since gotten a tip from local officials about the governor bringing goons to her campaign events and deploying them to create havoc among her detractors.

But he insisted that the government will continue to act severely against the offenders.

He added that the alleged lawbreakers have already been summoned by the appropriate state authorities.

Kibicho also brought the governor’s alleged involvement in night gatherings meant to denigrate and instigate locals against other local officials to light.

“We are aware of the late-night gatherings she has been hosting and how she has been controlling the young people who are now carrying batons and accompanying her to political gatherings. The batons are for a horrible task, not for leading goats and sheep! “Added he.

However, Waiguru rejected Kibicho’s assertions and instructed him to get ready to leave.

“Go inform Kibicho that it’s already too late. He is only in office for a short while. I overheard him discuss thugs. He should keep up his support for Azimio, “added Waiguru.

The PS announced that they will set out on a mission to disarm the teenagers brandishing batons who have subsequently become armed amid such a critical election season.

According to the PS, Waiguru is calculating and her goal is to be detained on incitement-related charges so that she may get political support and be re-elected.

“She has planned some theatrics, but we are not taking part. Let her know that trying to gain political prominence in this way is futile at this point. Kirinyaga locals are not naive; they are aware of her intentions “.

His remarks came as Waiguru, the county UDA party battalion’s leader, has been criticizing PS Kibicho for allegedly impeding their effort.

They assert that the PS has been using state agents to make false arrests of them to plan their fall.

The PS addressed following a meeting in Kerugoya with all county local administrators and top county security personnel to discuss the county’s security in the lead-up to the August 9 election.

He declared that to ensure that the upcoming elections are held in peace, the government will keep cooperating closely with all local officials.

He added that the program would be implemented across the entire nation because local administrators serve as the government’s representative in the smallest geographic areas and are equally important in ensuring that security prevails.

Kibicho further stated that his ministry would keep working with and aiding the IEBC in providing security.

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