Karua: Gachagua was out to provoke me

Karua: Gachagua was out to provoke me

The presidential running mate debate that took place on July 19 has been discussed for the first time by Azimio’s running mate Martha Karua.

Speaking to KBC, Karua claimed that her running mate for Kenya Kwanza, Rigathi Gachagua, had set out to provoke her but had failed because she maintained her composure.


Gachagua allegedly tried to provoke her in an attempt to play clever but was put off when she maintained her composure.



Karua was responding to a query about why, given her reputation for aggression, she was so composed during the debate.


“They were waiting for me to lose my cool during the debate and start yelling at Gachagua. They believed they were too smart to provoke me, but I kept my composure, and they were the ones who were disappointed “She spoke.


Gachagua, according to Karua, was off-topic because he had no agenda.


“When you don’t have a plan and you’re afraid of your past, you prefer verbal sparring over dialogue. It wasn’t my first time watching TV or going to a debate; I went there to explain our Azimio agenda and avoid conflict.”


There are debate rules, and I followed them, she continued.


Raila Odinga, a presidential hopeful from Azimio, expressed pride in Karua’s performance during the debate.


Raila praised the former justice minister for her poise and command of the issues brought up in the discussion.



The Azimio family was pleased with her performance, he continued.


“Your composure, knowledge of the material, and ability to maintain composure under pressure were impressive. I congratulate Martha Karua, my competent deputy and team member. The Azimio family is pleased with the way you participated in the debate last night. Continue selling “In a tweet, Raila stated.

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