New team formed to probe two missing Indian IT experts, driver

Since their alleged kidnapping on Mombasa Road in Nairobi, two Indian nationals and their Kenyan driver have been missing.

According to reports, in the middle of July, an unmarked automobile was used to kidnap Mohamed Zaid Sami Kidwai, Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan, and their driver Nicodemus Mwania and take them away from the Ole Sereni region.


Armed men picked them up while their car was blocked, then they vanished. At the scene, their vehicle was discovered.



The victims’ families claim they think state operatives were responsible for the incident. Police refute the allegations.


The three were kidnapped, according to attorney Ahmednasir Abdullahi, because they backed President William Ruto.


He filed a lawsuit through the family, and on July 28, justice Hedwig Ong’udi issued an order requiring the three missing people to appear in court.


The case was then scheduled to be heard on August 4 by the judge. However, the missing individuals were not turned up as requested.


Without offering any proof, Ahmednasir has been accusing the police for the missing people.


The Directorate of Criminal Investigations launched an investigation at the Langata police station after the missing persons’ families brought up the issue there.


And on September 15, the National Police Service’s Internal Affairs Unit was instructed to assume charge of the investigation.


IAU was instructed to take control of the investigation and submit a report on its findings after 21 days.


This is in response to demands from the family and certain state officials that the incident be looked into and, if necessary, those responsible punished.


As the new team assumed leadership, the DCI was instructed to turn over the incident probe file.


The men may have been picked up and driven to Eldoret for an unidentified mission, according to preliminary findings.



Two days after the event, their cell phones were last detected up in Eldoret town.


The team looking into the situation traveled and went to the police headquarters’ security cameras in an effort to learn more about the car that was allegedly blocking the missing people’s car.


Additionally, they plan to look through all the footage from the potential route that the alleged kidnappers took after picking up the victims from the scene of the incident.


According to reports, the two Indians were a part of a group that traveled to Kenya to work with Ruto’s IT staff on running the election campaigns.


Under the new leadership, which has been criticizing police abuse, this case will be critical to observe.


If a person is absent for seven years in Kenya, they are deemed dead.


It was necessary to report the incident to a police station and record it in the station’s incident log.


According to Section 118A of the Evidence Act, “there should be a rebuttable presumption that a person is dead if it is established that a person has not been heard of or seen for seven years by persons who could be expected to have known of him if he was alive.”


Despite the lack of direct proof of death, the High Court makes the declaration; as a result, the registrar of persons issues a death certificate to the family.


The police are looking at dozens of issues, including this one. The majority of the missing people were known criminals.


Even after several weeks, several of them have still not been located.


There were discussions to reexamine each case under the incoming administration, according to officials with knowledge of the plans.


In Kenya, there is no national missing persons database. Each police station does, however, maintain a list of people who have disappeared in their area.


He states that there are numerous unclaimed bodies in morgues and mentions that kidnappings, drownings, and hit-and-run accidents can result in missing people never being discovered.

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