Sonko Airs His Frustration After Presidents Were ‘Ferried’ By Bus To Queen Elizabeth’s Burial

African rulers, including William Ruto, the president of Kenya, were compelled to take a bus to Buckingham Palace to attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Following the release of the image showing William Ruto grinning while riding the bus, social media users were ecstatic.

Many Kenyans, however, have expressed conflicting opinions about the incident, claiming that the British government didn’t treat African rulers with due respect. Only the President of the United States and his convoy were permitted to enter Buckingham Palace.


Mike Sonko has since reacted, explaining how risky it was to gather all African presidents in buses. He stated, “Hawa wazungu hawana adabu wanawekaje marais wa Africa ndani ya bus moja huko London. God forbid kitu mbaya ifanyike kwa hiyo bus itakuaje?”


The action has been described as blatantly racist on Twitter. “Racism is on the rise in #UK,” wrote Wali Khan on Twitter. While other foreign leaders were crammed into a bus, US President Joe Biden was allowed to drive in for #QueenElizabethII’s funeral in a convoy.


“Africans are applauding the Government of the United Kingdom for crowding their leaders inside a rebuilt bus, to assist them save taxpayer money,” sarcastic Gabriel Ogunda said. However, they suggested that the next time, they be provided with bicycles to help them burn off some taxpayer fat like their Scandinavian counterparts do.

Martin Kinyua

I am a Kenyan, from the mountainous ridges of the central province. I attended school at a local primary school, and while there my love for stories and reading grew. I am now a graduate and still have not abandoned my love for books.

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