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Diana Marua resumes her musical career days after giving birth.

by Morris Muriuki

Diana did her part of the video while still in the maternity ward.

Days after giving birth to her third child, Malaika, who was born on November 1, Diana Marua has resumed her musical endeavors. The song “Mambo Ya Mhesh” by Bahati was remixed by the YouTuber and content producer.

The “Hatutaachana” hitmaker, who appears last in the song, had the video for her scene shot while she was still giving birth.

Diana, a mother of three, was unable to contain her happiness at being a part of the song’s creation, claiming that she had no time to rest.

 “Ni kuzaa na kuurudi soko. Kupumzika tulisema ni mbiguni”, (There is no time to rest. We said we will rest once we are out of this world). Recorded and shot in my maternity room,” she said.

Thankfully, by the time she was filming the new video, she had already given delivery, as a nurse could be seen delivering her the newborn. Diana wasn’t the only person who contributed to the remix. Ssaru and Sosuun were included in Bahati’s latest work of art since he intended to collaborate with women on it. He commended them both and said they make for a spectacular combination..

“You know every time I link up with Sylvia Saru we do wonders. This remix is for the books,” he said.

Bahati released the song on October 4, after going silent for more than a month which many believed was necessitated by his loss of the Mathare constituency parliamentary seat.

The Mathare MP race was won by incumbent Anthony Oluoch of ODM who was defending it for the second time. Bahati who was trying his luck in politics for the first time came far third.

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