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Wayne Rooney: Messi, not Ronaldo, is the Greatest and Argentina will win the Qatar 2022 World Cup

by Morris Muriuki

It might be time for Ronaldo to get back into the studio

Just days after the interview where former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo called him jealous and mocked his looks aired, Wayne Rooney has opted for Ronaldo’s arch nemesis, Lionel Messi, as the GOAT and tipped Argentina over Ronaldo’s Portugal to win the World Cup

In an editorial article written by Rooney and shared on his Twitter page, the 37-year-old former Manchester United forward has stated his belief that this could be the year for Messi to finally win top honors at the World Cup and cement his legacy as the greatest footballer of all time.

Why Rooney thinks Messi’s Argentina are favorites for the World Cup

There might be those who think that Rooney’s latest declarations were made as revenge for Ronaldo’s 90-minute interview with Piers Morgan, but Rooney already laughed over the things said in the interview, while adding that it only appears that Ronaldo is hitting out after struggling to come to terms with the end of his career.

In his article for The Times UK, Rooney raises salient points that support his adoption of Argentina as favorites. He cites Messi’s form going into the World Cup and the inclusion of a better structure in the team with players like Lautaro Martinez, Leandro Paredes, Rodrigo De Paul, and Angel Di María included in the team as some of his reasons.

He also spoke of Argentina’s improvement in defence, reserving special praise for Lisandro Martinez, who currently plays for his former club. He also noted the increased confidence in the Argentine team after their recent Copa America victory and, finally, the weather conditions in Qatar, which are better suited to South American players than European players.

Is Rooney right or just jealous of Ronaldo?

These reasons might not satisfy everyone, but they were good enough for Rooney to make put his weight behind Argentina as favorites for the World Cup, and it appears he might genuinely be rooting for Messi and Argentina out of respect and a genuine belief that they can win, rather than out of jealousy for the other guy.

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