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Tems addresses trolls criticising her Dazed magazine’s photoshoot

by Morris Muriuki

Tems’ big moment with Dazed magazine has resulted in her being dragged for her outfits, but the singer isn’t having it.

Temilade Openiyi, better known as Tems, has issued a stern warning to anyone trying to force their religious beliefs on her or influence her dress, music, or performance choices.

This comes after the singer landed the cover of Dazed magazine, and was immediately criticised by internet trolls, who had a lot of negative things to say about her outfits.

Taking to her Twitter page, the popular artist responded to these comments by stating that she is no one’s saviour, adding that she refuses to fit into any religious or moral construct in order to please anyone.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but I am not your Christian saviour. I didn’t come here to uphold your beliefs about God. I will not fit into this box you try to put me in. I won’t satisfy you in that area please find the person that will. Or ask yourself why you care,” she tweeted.

Going further, the Grammy Award-nominated singer reflected on how much she has grown in her craft since she started in 2018.

Still in the tweet thread, she wrote: “So much growth this year. I’m here for my fans. I have worked so much on myself. It will all make sense when it happens. I started in 2018. Look at what music looks like today. Still Next level coming. I’m just about to start.”

She finally wrapped up the thread by stating that she’s her only competitor, and she’s only trying to impress herself and no one else.

In her words, “I don’t brag because I’m not playing the same game. I don’t need to brag, I am who I am whether you know it or not. It is the house that is built on the solid rock that will withstand the storm. I’m trying to impress myself not you.”

The Nigerian singer and songwriter rose to fame after she was featured on Wizkid’s 2020 single ‘Essence,’ which reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 after the release of a remixed version with an additional feature from Justin Bieber and earned her a Grammy Award nomination.

Tems has made rounds in the media for many positive reasons, from writing and lending her voice to Marvel’s ‘Wakanda Forever’ to headlining shows and adding to her award collections.

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