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Thee Pluto Finally Seeks Revenge

by Morris Muriuki

Thee Pluto has finally gotten a chance to attack and have his revenge on controversial content creator content Kibe. Their beef started after Thee Pluto’s daughter Zoey was born, Kibe came out bashing the couple Thee Pluto and her girlfriend’s baby mama, and he advised baba Zoey to go for a DNA test to confirm whether the kid is his.

Thee Pluto and Felicity did not respond to Kibe and it appears that Thee Pluto carried his beef and he has finally decided to vent it out.

Kibe has been making the headlines after influencer Sue Gacambi exposed him, Sue was angered by Kibe who tried to claim that she was among the women who Samidoh hangs out with in the USA. The woman went ahead to expose that Kibe lives in the ghetto. The beef has escalated and she has been accused of lying that he bought a car. The car is said to be registered under his friend’s name George.


Thee Pluto has taken advantage of Kibe’s trolls and has decided to attack him, taking to his Instagram stories, the father of two addressed rumors that Kibe lied about buying a new Mercedes.

” I was just chilling then boom…Kwani career yako ya mushene haikulipi poa man.” Thee Pluto asked.

Kibe is yet to respond to any of the trolls and we are eagerly waiting to hear his response.

The DNA fight 

It has just been two days since content creators Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru announced the birth of their first child together, whom they named Zoey.

Now Andrew Kibe having gotten wind of the news, had some advice for the Loyalty test show host. Kibe advised Thee Pluto to have a DNA test conducted on him and the child just to be sure that the baby is indeed his. In his Youtube channel, the former Radio host said that the content creator should not be too quick to trust that the child is his.


Kibe was especially insisting on the DNA basing it on the fact that the couple had once broken up in the past to suggest that their bond could be a bit weak to be infiltrated by a third party.

In the past, Kibe has poked holes in the relationship between Thee Pluto and Felicity saying that Thee Pluto lacks the qualities of a father. It will be known that the content creator is already a father in his previous relationship. He however says that he is constantly denied seeing his child by his ex-girlfriend’s parents.

The controversial vlogger has been time above number on Thee Pluto’s case in the past. At one time he accused him of having relations with politician Wangui Ng’ang’a. He even condemned Thee Pluto arguing that the Prado he is driving was a result of being in a relationship with an older woman who in this case is the city politician.

The two dismissed the claims and added that their relationship is purely business. Wangui further fired shots at the former Kiss Fm presenter telling him to also find friends who can dare him with cash rewards.


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