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No Impeachment Plot, Kiambu MCAs Declare for Governor Wamatangi

They accused Wamatangi of usurping the role of the ward reps

by Morris Muriuki

Following a protest on Monday outside the governor’s office in Kiambu town, a group of Kiambu MCA representatives have denied attempting to remove Governor Kimani Wamatangi from office, contrary to what was popularly believed.

The ward delegates protested, claiming that he had dismissed them and ignored their request to speak with them about the wellbeing of Kiambu County. The MCAs asserted that ward-level bursary committees were being established without their knowledge or participation. They said Wamatangi had taken over the ward reps’ duties. A portion of the MCAs, who at one point rejected half of Wamatangi’s cabinet nominees, had been in uproar against him. Wamatangi recently accused some county politicians of planning their succession by pointing the finger at them.

“It’s unfortunate to learn that people have already started positioning themselves to put hurdles in my government ahead of the 2027 election,” he told the media a month ago.

The county chief recently told off his detractors, accusing them of being impatient with his administration, and vowed not to fall into the trap of his critics insisting he will work without fear. Murera Ward MCA Moses Ngatha said that no one has filed a motion in the assembly to impeach the governor.

He claimed that Wamatangi’s mockery of them and lack of respect for them was the cause of the demonstration on Monday morning.

Mr. Ngatha claimed that although they had proceeded to the governor’s office for a meeting to discuss the distribution of bursaries and other matters, the governor failed to show up.

 “No one has filed a motion of impeachment against the governor and all that we need is a framework on how we will work together as elected leaders, secondly we feel offended by the governor’s move to work with his ‘Wamatangi foundation’ employees in discharging his public duties in our wards without consulting us,” he said.

He stated that the issues highlighted carry greater weight and that the governor should give them time to resolve any issues that may have arisen as a result of miscommunication. Hezron Gachui, an MCA from Riabai, claimed that the governor has chosen to include unelected individuals rather than legal bodies in the distribution of county funds.

“We have discovered that the governor is using his Wamatangi foundation to reach the grassroots instead of involving us,” he said.

The Kiambu assembly’s leadership, according to Kiamwangi MCA Kung’u Smart, should work together to fulfill their obligations to Wanjiku. He pointed out that the Kiambu parliament had been on the receiving end of new policies for the last two administrations, which the current one should correct.

“There is no bad blood between Wamatangi and MCAs, what exists is just a misunderstanding which can be solved considering we all come from different political thoughts and schools,” Kung’u said

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