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Oga Obinna- 2 Ways Polygamy Can Work

by TopNews

Polygamy and its morality are hot topics. Some find it the only way to avoid cheating and unmarried partners.

Men inherently polygamous. Most women avoid this conversation. Some communities that believe women should be cared for accept polygamy.

Making Polygamy Work.
Akuku Danger was known for polygamy. He had multiple spouses and children.
How did he manage?
Oga Obinna suggests two approaches.

Start with lots of money. This will let you manage your wives easily. Provide for their comfort.

Obinna is polygamous because he has left out his kid moms.

Mama Adalola, his baby mama, said she got custody of her two daughters. Mama Adalola revealed the custody triumph on Instagram, thanking God. “February 7, 2023 custody awarded. Adalola thanked God.

Obinna now struggles to find a mate. Will his polygamy work?

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