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Unemployment Crisis: Kenyan Youth Demand Immediate Action and Economic Opportunities

by Namachanja Khapoya
Fellow Kenyans,
How are you? How are you holding up? I’m fine. I wish I could say I’m great. But I am.
I’m great because God Almighty has given me little, little that I am happy and content with.
Being content with the little is what has given me authority and power to pen this letter for you.
Sometimes it’s good to talk amongst selves. I’m normally very aggressive. In a good way lakini. I’m also very humble. People may have a different opinion.
Kenya as at now, how is it taking you? Happy? Proud? I’m neither happy nor proud of Kenya today.
Kenya could move far and fast if only our leaders could uphold integrity and dignity. How expensive is that?
We need a National dialogue with Kenyans of all class. Everyone has issues.
We want jobs. We actually should demand for this jobs. Young people are doing very poorly. How then does GOVERNMENT expect us to get married and settle down.
It’s expensive. On behalf of young people. The government should be aware that we cannot afford three square meals a day, leave alone for our wives and children.
As Kenyans we need PRESIDENT RUTO to maim and murder CORRUPTION. At all costs. Corruption cannot deprive Kenyans development. It’s long over due. President Kenyatta promised to prosecute the CORRUPT but nothing happened. They are still walking free.
The Auditor General agrees corruption could be here to stay. But she is requesting this THUGS to STEAL but invest in this NATION.
Kenyans, President Ruto should investigate the truth in PANDORA PAPERS.
How can a President loot and invest the money in the AMERICAS? It’s insane. Why can’t African Presidents learn to be content.
My challenge to President Ruto. Do not be like your predecessor. It must have been very difficult you being deputy for the last ten years. But we want you to raise the bar beyond mediocrity.
Set the school curricula. Let’s know how we are going to implement CBC. Let government speak in Unison.
Kenyans, all Kenyan money is ours. It is us to tell President Samoei what we want and how we want it.
As at now, Kenyans need FREE EDUCATION. It’s time Education is free in Kenya. All Education should be free. As a people we should bring forth this discussion.
Health Care should be absolutely free as well. Kenya is rich.
President Samoei as our Father, he should be able to take all his children to school and hospital. And pay for all charges. That’s when we may be able to develop as a people.
Otherwise, this issue of one MILLIONAIRE and ten Million beggars should end.
Kenyans let’s demand our worth. We can’t leave everything to Raila. He’s played his part. It’s now his time to rest and see the change he has fought for.
As Kenyans, let’s be steadfast. God is with the people. He is with us.  Do not give up.
I will keep reminding you that it’s war. And we got to fight. For our rights.
We want a better Kenya. Free from disease. A literate Kenya. Free from hunger and poverty.
We are going to achieve it together.
Kenya must be first world.
It’s your son

Kenya’s Future President

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