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Why demand for housing in Kilifi is on the rise

by Deep dickens

Why demand for housing in Kilifi is on the rise

Factories, road infrastructure and other industries are increasing the demand for housing in Kilifi county, real estate developers in the region have said.

Investors in the county said the majority of factories that have been set up in the region have provided employment to thousands of people.

Therefore, the demand for housing is also going up in the area, making Mtwapa, Kikambala, Vipingo and Kilifi towns some of the rapidly growing regions of the county.

The 40.4-kilometre Mtwapa – Kwa Kadzengo – Kilifi Road whose construction was launched by President William Ruto last November 19, is also taking shape, gradually opening up the region.



According to the 2009 census, Kilifi county had a population of 1.5 million people, coming closely after Mombasa’s two million people. However, the population is rapidly increasing because of the many companies, factories and investment coming up in the region.

One of the ventures that has come up is the Mtwapa Business Park, which consists of 42 warehouses sitting on a 10.5-acre parcel of land.

The ambitious project has been undertaken by the Milli Group of Companies, a leading manufacturer of food items and beverages in the country.

Another Mega Development that has opened and up Vipingo area is the Ocean Ridge View by Optiven which is estimated to create over One Thousand Jobs to the locals.

Other brands that have set up in Kilifi county include Pwani Oil Limited, Revital Healthcare, Mzuri Sweets, Vipingo Ridge, Vipingo Oils, Centum Investment and a number of Export Processing Zones.

Land prices in Kilifi have increased by 50 percent driven by the construction of residential and commercial projects by real estate firms in the area.

The price of an acre of land has increased from Sh10 million to Sh20 million as demand rises from developers attracted by improved support infrastructure, the county government of Kilifi has said.

Affordable land and construction material, coupled with increased attraction to the area by the middle class, have helped attract developers away from Mombasa, the traditional hub of investments in the coastal area.

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