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Vybz Kartel Faces Life-Threatening Illness in Prison, Urgent Surgery Recommended

by Deep dickens


Dancehall icon Vybz Kartel, also known as Adidja Palmer, is currently battling a severe and potentially life-threatening ailment while serving his prison sentence. The artist has been diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, a thyroid condition, which he has been struggling with for the past seven years. Despite undergoing treatment, the condition has persisted, and his private physician, Karen Philips, has recommended immediate surgery to prevent further complications and potential fatality.

Kartel’s family is deeply distressed and has been offering prayers for his well-being during this challenging time. However, concerns have been raised regarding the inhumane conditions of his confinement, which may have contributed to his deteriorating health. His attorney, Isat Buchanan, has highlighted the poor prison conditions, including a tiny solitary cell with inadequate ventilation and a bucket for sanitation purposes. These conditions pose significant health risks and have been detrimental to Kartel’s overall well-being.

Buchanan emphasized that Kartel’s physical appearance has drastically changed, with his face and neck swollen, and his eyes protruding. The attorney has contacted relevant prison and government authorities, urging them to address the urgent matter and improve the conditions in which Kartel is being held.

Meanwhile, Kartel’s son, Adidja Jaheim Palmer, also known as Likkle Vybz, expressed their family’s ongoing prayers and support for his father. Kartel has been incarcerated since 2014 after being convicted for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. He is currently serving a life sentence and will be eligible for parole after completing 35 years in prison.

The situation has raised concerns among fans and the entertainment community about Kartel’s health and the impact of his imprisonment. The artist’s plight has sparked discussions about the length of his sentence and the conditions he is enduring, with many questioning the possibility of his eventual release.


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