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Controversial Preacher Paul Mackenzie and Co-Accused Begin Hunger Strike Over Interior CS’s Life Sentence Remarks

by Deep dickens

Controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie and his co-accused have embarked on a hunger strike in response to remarks made by Interior CS Kithure Kindiki, according to Mackenzie’s lawyer, Wycliff Makasembo. The decision to go on a hunger strike was motivated by Kindiki’s statement that he would ensure Mackenzie serves a life sentence. Makasembo argued that Kindiki’s remarks were unlawful and demanded a fair trial for his clients.

Speaking in Shanzu Court, Mackenzie’s lawyer expressed concern over the dangerous and unwarranted nature of the CS’s words. He called for assurances of a fair hearing from the chief justice, the chairperson of the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, the DCI, and the Law Society of Kenya. The lawyer emphasized the need for justice to be served impartially.

During a Church Service on Sunday, CS Kindiki stated that Mackenzie’s crime warranted a lifetime sentence in jail. He further added that even if the court were to release Mackenzie, he would be returned to prison. Kindiki claimed that they were gathering sufficient evidence to ensure that the preacher spends the rest of his life behind bars. Mackenzie, a pastor at the Good News International Church, is accused of brainwashing his followers to starve themselves to death with the belief that they will meet Jesus.

The cult case has resulted in the arrest of 45 individuals so far. In a recent development, detectives unearthed nine more bodies, raising the death toll to 251. This is not the first time Mackenzie has resorted to a hunger strike. Following his arrest in April, he refrained from eating for four days, claiming it was part of a fasting and prayer period. This occurred as security agencies conducted exhumations in the Shakahola forest spanning 800 acres.

The hunger strike by Mackenzie and his co-accused highlights their protest against Kindiki’s remarks and their demand for a fair and just trial. The case has attracted significant attention due to the shocking nature of the allegations against Mackenzie and the tragic loss of lives associated with the cult. The legal proceedings will need to ensure the principles of fairness and impartiality to reach a just resolution

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