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Lupita Nyong’o Wears a Daring Mold of Her Own Body to the 2023 Tony Awards

by Deep dickens

At the 2023 Tony Awards, Lupita Nyong’o made a stunning appearance on the red carpet wearing a silver breastplate that had been uniquely crafted for her by designer and artist Misha Japanwala. The breastplate, which Nyong’o paired with a classic black tuxedo, was actually molded from her own chest, creating a one-of-a-kind piece.

Nyong’o took to Instagram to express her gratitude and admiration for Japanwala’s work. She highlighted that the artist’s creations are rooted in rejecting and deconstructing the external shame associated with one’s body. By meticulously crafting a realistic representation of a person’s body, Japanwala’s art becomes an act of resistance and celebration, asserting the freedom to exist unabashedly in one’s own body.

The breastplate was the centerpiece of Nyong’o’s ensemble, which she further enhanced with a silver chrome manicure, silver rings, diamond studs, and a sleek clutch. She completed her look with a shaved head adorned with a bold henna tattoo design, smoky eyes, and a deep, romantic plum lip. Nyong’o’s appearance on the red carpet was truly a work of art in motion, an experience she described as a “shameless out-of-body experience.”

While Nyong’o stood out with her custom breastplate, she was not the only celebrity embracing this trend. Other actors like Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney have also experimented with metallic looks, although Nyong’o’s approach was distinct in that her breastplate was molded specifically to her body. Sweeney’s corset-like breastplate was a custom design by LaQuan Smith, while Zendaya has worn breastplate-centric designs, including a sleek set by Tom Ford.

Misha Japanwala’s work is deeply personal and intimate, serving as a form of armor that allows the wearer to embrace their body as it is. Those interested in exploring more of Japanwala’s pieces can visit the Hannah Traore Gallery in New York until July 30th.

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