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Namachanja Khapoya deconstructs Mr Odinga’s SABASABA maandamano

by Namachanja Khapoya

My heart is heavy with sorrow. Our nation is fractured, and we find ourselves asking, “What has befallen Mr. Odinga? Should we place blame on Dr. Samoei?”

Why do some people rejoice in protests? What do they hope to gain? Will there be looting? Are these demonstrations benefiting our nation?

Kenya is in pain, and it will only hurt more. Our economy continues to suffer, and our people bear the weight of their burdens.

What does Mr. Odinga hope to achieve through these protests? Instability will only increase, and he lacks the skills and agility to attain power. He should not make the people of Kenya pay for his failures.

Dr. Samoei, a man with an iron fist once seen as a dictator, has liberated the people. Finally, we can breathe freely. Mr. Kenyatta priced our breath too high. Mr. Odinga is complicit in the assassinations perpetrated by Kenyatta’s regime. We must not forget the Yala River, where innocent Kenyans were choked to death by state officers who were supposed to protect them. It’s a shameful reality, and those rogue officers must be held accountable.

Dr. Samoei will ensure that the Kenya Police Service is cleansed and serves the people with utmost dignity.

Therefore, considering Mr. Odinga’s track record of failures, he should not claim to redeem our nation. He should remember that his time in the spotlight is fading.

The sins Mr. Odinga is committing will ultimately be paid for by the people.

Let us not lament that Dr. Samoei did not do his best under these circumstances.

In the current situation, our President is performing admirably. I must say he is dedicated to serving the people.

It’s time to wake up, my fellow citizens. Let’s support the government led by Dr. Samoei, ensuring that it fulfills its duties to our nation without bias.

Shame on you, Mr. Odinga.

May God bless you. May God bless Kenya.

Regards, Namachanja Khapoya Chairman of Youths For Ruto

Nyamachanja Khapoya with speaker wetangula
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