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Muslim Leaders Criticize Azimio’s Plan to Hold Friday Protests

by TopNews

Muslim leaders, led by the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) National Chairman Hassan Ole Naado, have voiced their strong disapproval of Azimio’s plan to hold protests on Friday. Naado emphasized that Friday is a sacred day for worship among the Muslim faithful and should be respected and exempted from any demonstrations or disturbances. He expressed sadness over the proposal to stage protests on Fridays, stating that it would interfere with the religious obligations and practices of the Muslim community.

Naado further highlighted the negative impact of the previous Wednesday demonstrations on worship sessions. He noted that due to the uncertainties surrounding the protests, very few people were able to attend mosques, leading to a significant decline in participation. This firsthand experience further strengthened the argument against holding protests on days of religious significance, as it hampers the ability of Muslims to fulfill their spiritual duties.

Meanwhile, the opposition has escalated its resistance against President William Ruto’s government by calling for street protests not only on Friday but also on Wednesday and Thursday. However, Interior CS Kithure Kindiki issued a stern warning against these planned demonstrations. Kindiki emphasized that his ministry would not tolerate any further losses resulting from the protests organized by the Azimio coalition. He made it clear that attempting any disruptive activities on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday would have severe consequences, urging the opposition to reconsider their plans.

In summary, Muslim leaders, represented by SUPKEM’s National Chairman, Hassan Ole Naado, have expressed their concerns and opposition to holding protests on Friday. They stressed the importance of respecting Friday as a day of worship for the Muslim community. With the opposition planning demonstrations on multiple days, including Friday, the government has issued a warning against any disruptive activities, emphasizing their commitment to preventing further losses resulting from the protests.

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