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Betty Bayo’s Bold Message After Ex-Husband Kanyari Prays for Reunion

by Deep dickens

Betty Bayo’s Bold Message After Ex-Husband Kanyari Prays for Reunion

Gospel singer Betty Bayo recently shared a heartfelt moment on social media, appearing to respond subtly to comments made by her ex-husband, Kanyari. During a TikTok live session, Kanyari expressed hope for a reconciliation, noting that Bayo has not had a child with her current husband, which he believes leaves the door open for them to potentially reunite.

In her social media post, Bayo, seen embracing her partner Tash and their daughter, wrote a poignant message: “For those trusting God for a permanent marriage partner, may God give you a prayer partner, not a prayer item.” This post received overwhelming support from her followers, who encouraged her to continue moving forward in her new relationship and not consider returning to Kanyari.

Kanyari, in a conversation with TikToker Choffri, affirmed his belief in a possible reunion with Bayo, bolstered by prayers that she would not remarry or have children with another man. He emphasized his continuing presence in her life and his deep affection for their children, stating, “I’ll forever be in her life.”

Bayo’s recent statements in a television interview further clarify her stance on her past relationship with Kanyari, describing it as a mere “come we stay” arrangement and asserting that her marriage to Tash is her first. Kanyari responded by highlighting that their union had the blessings of Bayo’s parents and that he had paid the dowry, which according to tradition, should be returned in case of separation. He stressed his enduring role in her life and the significant love he holds for their children.

Since their highly publicized separation in 2015, Bayo has been building a new life with Tash, reflecting a sense of peace and contentment. Her posts suggest she has found a loving and supportive partner in Tash. Meanwhile, Kanyari continues to express his hopes for finding a new wife, even venturing onto TikTok in his search.

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