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“Such a Careless Comment!” Nadia Mukami Criticizes Karen Nyamu’s Remarks

by Deep dickens

Kenyan politician Nyamu recently stirred controversy by downplaying concerns over the taxation of sanitary towels, stating that it didn’t affect her as she uses tampons. This comment was made during heated debates with netizens, as she defended the Finance Bill 2024’s tax proposals. “Why not? So many Chinese companies are already manufacturing here. At least the labor and raw materials are ours,” she argued in her defense. When asked which affordable and durable Kenyan brand she uses, she casually responded, “I use tampons.”

Nyamu’s remarks incited widespread outrage, with artist Nadia highlighting the issue in a lengthy social media post. She shared a screenshot of Nyamu’s comments, criticizing the senator’s insensitivity. “A very careless COMMENT!!! Sometimes people really need to invest in PR professionals and social media managers to avoid SUCH COMMENTS!” Nadia’s post emphasized the seriousness of period poverty in Kenya, pointing out that girls from disadvantaged backgrounds often go to extreme lengths to obtain sanitary towels. She questioned why essential items like sanitary pads are taxed while condoms, which are related to a choice (excluding assault cases), are free.

Nadia also noted the rising prices of sanitary pads, which have increased from 45-55 Kenyan shillings to 80-120 shillings per packet since her high school days. She urged for discussions on making pads affordable, if not free, highlighting the irony that condoms are provided for free while menstrual products are heavily taxed. “The conversations we should be having is how can we make pads affordable if NOT FREE! Si kuna condoms free, why not pads???? This was a very careless comment!!!I!! #rejectfinancebill2024,” she wrote.

The Finance Bill 2024 has sparked significant debate, particularly over the proposed eco levy on imported finished products like sanitary towels and diapers, which dominate the Kenyan market.

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